A poem of one syllable words

A knight did spy on a hill's lee side
There stood a great wyrm tall and wide.
The brave knight did with no fear hide
A sword that washed up last high tide.

He saw that as his time he'd bide
The great beast there was thin, not wide.
He held what he found true and tried -
The fire brand found in the high tide.

He plunged the sword right through the hide
of the wyrm perched up on the hill side.
The poor slain beast screamed and cried
All the while the great king spied.

Then it came to turn the tide
the great king said, "My name is Clyde."
Great King Clyde to the brave knight eyed,
"Give up, or you'll soon have died."

The knight should not the king have tried,
for he soon was sent off on a ride
And more wyrms o'er him soon had flied
To claim the man for their pride.

The knight was bled and skinned, and fried
When they were done they saw he'd tried
To flee and at one point had cried,
"I wish I'd not have been so snide!"

Is this tale true, or have I lied?
Will the king in court be tried?
It is true, I say, for far and wide
Such strange things come with the tide.

I started writing this poem after having a dream when I was 10 years old involving a playground with a slide shaped like a dragon's mouth where I almost got stuck because it was too narrow for me. The only thing left from the original dream is "...was thin, not wide".

Pampers and

A poem about diapers

Procter & Gamble makes P&
Sheets you can put in your h&
Beauty and shaving supplies,
But their diapers win first prize
And that's why their name has an &.
For several years at least, the Pampers slogan was love sleep&play


Limericks about the US Presidents

Richard Nixon

Nixon, a crook, had designed
A plan that his party defined
To strip of their clout
Those who later found out
Whereupon he promptly resigned.

Bill Clinton

President two-timing Billy
As commander in chief of his willy
Created a scandal
Though he won't hold a candle
To president Kennedy, will he?

George W Bush

He led us to war in Iraq
Just to prove he wasn't all talk.
But one day said "Oops!
Time to bring home the troops!"
And then we elected Barack.

I wrote the Nixon poem in high school and the others much later. The fact that I never wrote one about Obama shows that I gave this up long ago.