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 HURL Characters


Quack Attacker may think it's funny to hit you in the face with eggs, but if you splash him he'll be so shocked he won't be able to fire back at you for a while. So keep hitting him!
Bug-Eye Frog is usually found in packs. Or whatever you call a group of frogs who live together. Not very hard enemies, but they do have an annoying habit of sitting right in front of a door and guarding it when you need to get through.
Sour Puss hates taking baths. Unlike the frog and duck, hitting Sour Puss just makes her madder, and she will start hitting you even harder.
Swamp Breath is this game's way of teaching you smoking is disgusting. Gameplay-wise, Swamp Breath behaves like the cat, meaning that if you're not well-armed you might want to say no thanks and hurry on by.
Baboon Spitoon appears late in the game but is not as difficult an enemy as Sour Puss or Swamp Thing.
Ricochet Pig just wants to be left alone. And if you leave him alone, he will leave you alone. Too bad Ricochet Pig seems to like sitting in front of doors and in narrow corridors.
Trash Twister can be found moving in a random path just about anyplace you don't want it to be, such as in the last room of the level where the powerups are out of reach and you can't take any more hits. You can try attacking Trash Twister, but it rarely does you any good. Just stay out of its way.
Bob the Slob is the boss who awaits you in the final room of the last level in the game. Sandwich in one hand, dirty underpants in the other, Bob is going to get some pretty serious illnesses one of these days.


Goo covers the floors of many of the nastier levels. It makes you dirty if you step in it, but if you're smart you can figure out a safe way to run right through it.
Dripping Slime usually occurs near or in puddles of Goo. It will drip from the ceiling and block your path. It will also block the path of anything you throw at an enemy, or anything they throw at you.
A shower is found in nearly every level. It cleans you up quick, but it costs money. You are still vulnerable to being hit while in the shower, so watch your back
Don't forget about the toilet The best thing about the toilet is you don't have to spend a penny to use it.
Hydrant: when you need a toilet but you can't find one, keep an eye out for one of these. But only if the cap is off; otherwise it's only good as a hide-behind.
Normal doors can be used at any time. The only problem to worry about is if there is an animal on the other side of the door who will hit you as soon as you open it.
Locked Doors come in three colors: green, red, blue. Not every level has all three, but when they do, they usually go in that order. To go through, find the key that matches the color of the door.
Vending Machine: This is where you get your weapons. Two cents for a water balloon, three cents for soap, and a whopping 25 cents for a stick of deodorant. Take my advice: stick with the cheap stuff.
Phone: Theoretically you can come here to get game play advice from Mr Quigley, but most of the time you just get useless non sequiturs. Even I got tired of it before long. Sometimes the phone appears as an intercom.
Not surprisingly, there is only one Exit Door per level, and you have to find all the keys before you get to it.


Picking up trash is how you earn money in this game. Each of the items in the top row is worth 5¢ to pick up. The middle row is worth 10¢, and the bottom row is worth 25¢. You don't need to memorize this; once you get far into the game you're going to want to pick up every bit of trash you can find.
The magic raincoat will clean you right up if you find it. Some levels have one of these; some have two; some have none at all.
Think of the umbrella powerup as just a raincoat in a different mold.
The Wipe-Away brand of moist towelette works like the umbrella and raincoat, but is much weaker.
Keys come in three colors: red, green, and blue. Each key opens the door of the same color.
Water Balloons are the cheapest and weakest of the three weapons. Nevertheless, sometimes using anything more expensive would just be a waste.
Soap costs three cents and seems to be a little bit stronger than the water balloons. This is the weapon I use the most.
Deodorant is the most effective of all the weapons, but is ridiculously expensive.

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