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 HURL Walkthrough

I hope to have maps of all 10 levels up on this page someday, but as of now (June 2007) it's taking far longer than I expected and I may not be able to do it.


Bob's Bus Station is where you begin your game.
The Trailer Park is still relatively easy.
Into the Sewer for Level 3.
Drool School is Level 4.
NOTE: This level will not play on most modern computers.
Underarm Farm is the next big step up in difficulty.
Junk Food Alley, the sixth level, is the one I consider to be the toughest in the game.
Back in the Sewer again.
Level 8 brings you back to Drool School once again. What's that in the corner of the blackboard?
And finally, Junk Food Alley needs a second cleanup.
Level 10 brings you to Bob's Lair.

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